Bob Haller

Loan Originator

Bob has lived in the Seattle area since the mid 60’s. He fully enjoyed all aspects of attending the University of WA, graduating with a BS in Biology in the mid 1970’s. He has built and enjoyed a tremendously satisfying career offering a wide range of financially related products and services since the early 80’s. More to the point of this profile Bob has been excellently furnishing a variety of residential related mortgage services through Arboretum Mortgage Corporation since the early 2000’s. Bob gets tremendous joy out of diligently, succinctly and successfully providing his expertise in the mortgage arena while serving his ever expanding clientele of existing and new home owners.

Let’s go play golf!

Bob Haller
Arboretum Mortgage Corporation | MLO 116357
601 Union Street, Suite 2727
Seattle, WA, 98101

P: 206.860.7212
C: 206.617.3579
F: 206.860.9340
[email protected]